Sessions 3

Music is Personal and Emotional

How is music Personal and Emotional?

Music is personal through its ability to reinforce our sense of self. Music that is heard repeatedly during significant or pivotal times in our personal development eventually signifies that time of life. In this way, music is a powerful stimulus for autobiographical memories.

One of the most significant purposes of music is to convey emotional meaning. Music plays an important role in re-gaining access to emotions and memories. Specifically, singing and instrument playing has an innate power to express intricate emotions and can be a simple way to foster a sense of security and bonding.

Activity 1

Play songs and guess name of song and singer.

Discuss any memories triggered by songs.

Activity 2

Explain how basic musical elements can make us feel a certain way e.g. loud and fast music might trigger feelings of excitement or anger, while soft and slow music can make people feel calm or sad.

Play instruments in different ways to reflect different emotions.

Activity 3

Match movie scene to music (using powerpoint)

Activity 4

Play each participant’s favourite song and discuss why it si a favourite and any memories that are triggered.