Session 1

Music is Persuasive and Engaging

How is music persuasive?

Music has the capacity to influence us and has been used historically as a tool to reinforce, change or inspire beliefs. For example, messages in advertisements are highlighted and enriched by music.
Music is engaging in a multitude of ways; it engages multiple networks within the brain simultaneously and it is pleasurable, which tends to increase motivation for participating in treatment.

The first 10 minutes of Session 1 should be spent welcoming the residents, introducing the facilitators and the participants to the program.

Activity 1: Introduction

Describe 7 attributes of music (see descriptions at start of each session) and participants experience with music.

Demonstrate instruments – fast/slow and loud/soft shake or drum beat.

Activity 2

Choose a song and play along with instruments.

Introduce each other and ‘play’ the ryhthm of the syllables of your name with the shaker or drum (e.g. Jo-A-NNA would be three taps or shakes).

Activity 3

Use powerpoint slides to play famous ads with and without music and discuss.