Getting started


Musical Instruments

Egg Shakers (1 per participant)
Bucket drum and 2 sticks (per person)

Optional other equipment

Colourful streamers
Small bean bags


Speaker and mp3/CD player (essential)
Laptop (optional)
Projector (optional)

Group size:

Ideally 8-10 with 2 facilitators

Before starting it is important to find out some information about the participants e.g. any mobility issues, one or two favourite songs/artists/genre of music. If they are unable to provide this information there are some options in Appendix 1.

Which songs to use?

Songs from when participants were aged 10-30 years (also known as the ‘reminiscence bump’ or the time of a peak in autobiographical memories) are most effective at stimulating memories so choosing songs from this time period is suggested.
You do not need to have any formal music qualifications to run the MMM program. Use this website as a guide, and if you require more help contact us via the contact page.
Any recreational officer (RO) can facilitate the MMM program using this manual as a guide. They do not need to have any formal music therapy qualifications, music training or experience. The number of facilitators required depends on the number of participants in the group. The ideal group size is 8-10 participants.

Ideally there should be 2 ROs to facilitate each session. This allows for one to run/explain the activity and the other to work the PPT slides and assist participants engage in the task.

Setting up

Place seats in a half circle to face the projector screen where the PPT slides are displayed (if available). Set up the bucket drum, sticks and shaker in front of the participants so that they are easily accessible.